Porto’s Conceição and Otavio speak ahead of decisive second leg against Roma

John Solano

Porto manager Sergio Conceiçao and Porto midfielder Otavio spoke today ahead of tomorrow’s clash in Portugal against Roma. These are their words:


How do you plan to play the game tomorrow? Will you have to be patient?
We will have to try to win but without being in a hurry. We know the strong points of Roma, they have the third best attack in Serie A and have extraordinary players, it is a very strong team tactically. The balance in our game will be crucial in order to win.

You have played many years in Italy and understand catenaccio. Do you expect an ultra-defensive Roma?
We are prepared for a difficult match, we know that regardless of what their formation is — Roma have conceded goals but we must be ready as a team for a Roma that will defend very well and look to grab a good result. This is clear, we understand it. During the match, we may have another strategy.

What are your options?
I will not say anything clearly about the formation, but we have some guys who are back in training and can help us.

What message of confidence have you given to the team?
It is not necessary to give messages of trust. You don’t need any more motivation beyond qualifying for the quarterfinals. It is not the fans who have to help us, we have to do something to make them feel that we are motivated to win the game. This is the main motivation.



How did you manage the days after the defeat against Benfica?
It was difficult for us to manage, but we can not look back. What is important is Roma and we are focused on tomorrow, we will try to score goals. Tomorrow we will see.

Are you stronger than Roma?
We are not stronger but we have the chance to win.

Since 2014, you have not reached the semi-finals.
Adrian gave us some hope in the away result. We are at home now, we have our supporters, who will be backing us.

What sort of Roma do you expect?
I do not know, they will wait, they already have a good result in their favor. We’ll have to be patient.

What gives you more satisfaction, an assist or a goal?
Difficult to say, I enjoy scoring but I’m OK with giving an assist, you get the same level of satisfaction either way.

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