(Post-match) De Rossi: “They played better. It’s a bad blow”.

John Solano

Daniele De Rossi to DAZN after Lazio 3-0 Roma:

You did not expect a script like this.
A script similar to many other Derbies. Today they played better, but these matches are decided by small episodes. They were better than us.

What’s not working?
Goals are always avoidable, even ours on the part of our opponent. These past two matches we’ve really struggled so we’ll have to analyse and see what’s gone wrong.

Did the thought of Porto distract you?
These are matches that do not change dependent upon how you deal with them. It was important for the supporters and our place in the table. It’s a bad blow but nothing is finished.

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MatchDay 37
19 May 20:45