(Post-match) El Shaarawy: “These were two lost points, but we have to keep believing”.

John Solano

Stephan El Shaarawy to Roma TV after scoring in Genoa 1-1 Roma:

Your nice goal wasn’t enough.
An important goal that unfortunately did not help, but it played a part. These are two points lost and a missed opportunity, winning today would have allowed us to stay close. The fact that they missed the last-second penalty maybe helps us, let’s see if this point helps us in the end.

You made a dedication after the goal.
Yes, to a girl who passed away two weeks ago, I got to know her when she was at Camp Genoa in 2010, she was a special person and she was 25, this goal is all hers.

Is there still the belief?
We have it and we have to have it until the very last game, but we’re sorry about how tonight ended. These were three important points, but we have a duty to keeping believing in it. We need to keep up the ambition of wanting to play in the Champions League, I believe it falls in the interest of anyone. We must believe it and try to win them all.

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