(Post-match) Florenzi: “We have to play the last two matches as we did tonight”.

Alessandro Florenzi to Roma TV after scoring in Roma 2-0 Juventus:

The spat with Ronaldo?
Before that incident, we had put the ball out twice so someone could get treatment but then he decided to play it. We could’ve gone on the counter with Kolarov in the first half, but we put it out of play, because that’s the kind of people we are. He’s the Ballon d’Or and has the right to do everything he did. I say and do a lot of dumb things on the pitch too, but it stays there.

Hope remains.
Yes. We can’t look at the standings now as we have to give our everything in these two matches, just like we did tonight. We’ll see what happens in the end because we all know this year hasn’t gone as we wanted for many reasons. Unfortunately, that’s the situation we’re in.

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