(Post-match) Schick: “These were three important points. Edin? I think we can both improve playing together at the same time”.

John Solano

Patrik Schick to Sky Sport after scoring in Roma 2-1 Empoli:

It was an important goal.
Yes, I was motivated and I’m a striker so I wanted to score. I am happy to have done it but above all, we won.

Do you also believe what Ranieri said about character?
Yes, the Mister told me I have to show more ferociousness and mentality. Perhaps it was not a beautiful match, but three points are important.

In your opinion, playing with two strikers could help you?
Every attacker does best when he plays with another and is not alone. I think that even Edin could be better.

How are you physically?
The match was very difficult. It was a physical match and I had been out for three weeks. I had cramps and I was afraid of hurting myself again. Towards the end, I felt dead.

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