(Pre-match) Totti: “I hope the De Rossi we know returns”.

John Solano

Roma director Francesco Totti to Sky Sport before Roma-Napoli:

De Rossi plays, how much does this matter?
We know that for us he is a fundamental player, who has done so much and can still give so much to football. I hope that the De Rossi we know returns, after his injuries his situation has been mixed.

His future?
We talk about it every day, he will be the one to decide.

Why must the Romanisti be optimistic today after the SPAL performance?
Because the Romanisti are always optimistic, the goal is the Champions League and we will try to reach it until the end.

Zaniolo’s contract situation?
He’s a piece of Roma who’s an important player. We will face the contract situation and decide with him the best thing to do. We’re really counting on him — he’s got a bright future ahead of him. He knows how to take the right amount of responsibility and is part of an important and competitive squad.