Ranieri: “I expect a strong response from the players”.

John Solano

Roma manager Claudio Ranieri spoke today ahead of tomorrow’s showdown in Rome against Napoli. These are his words:

How’s the team after the break?
I finally saw a full dressing room again, those who were tired underwent treatment, but today I’ll see everyone on the pitch.

Sunday you will face Ancelotti.
Seeing Carlo is always a pleasure, he is a great former player and a great manager, I am very happy to see him. I hope it will be a positive match for us.

You used strong tones after the loss in Ferrara, what do you expect now?
Of course I used strong language and now I expect a strong response, a manager doesn’t do things for nothing. I expect important things from the players who play at Roma. I expect responses with character and personality.

Will Olsen play?
Olsen is a great goalkeeper, I liked him and had kept tabs on his progress even before he joined Roma. He has my full confidence.

What can De Rossi and Kolarov give?
They are two important players, who could play 90 minutes for any team. It would be a huge joy for me, for the team and for the fans if they were to be there. I will have to evaluate their conditions, they are all getting back but they are not 100%. I have to evaluate the available resources, I don’t like to risk losing a player for 3-4 games and it’s better let him miss one. I will evaluate every choice closely.