Rasmus Kristensen climbs the ladder in Mourinho’s ranks

Andy Mattioli

Rasmus Kristensen’s recent game-winning goal and overall effort in the match of Sassuolo hints at good things to come for the Roma defender.

The Danish fullback was thrown into the mix as Roma attempted to come back against the Neroverdi at Mapei Stadium.

In his limited time on the pitch, Kristensen was able to draw a foul that would result in a penalty for Roma and score a deflected goal that would grant the Giallorossi the final victory.

According to Leggo, Kristensen – similarly to Azmoun who also came off the bench – is projected to become a regular part of Mourinho’s rotations.

The big Danish defender is expected to contribute steadily off the bench in moments where Roma will need pace and energy. So far, the answers he’s provided Mourinho with on the pitch are deemed good enough for him to keep making appearances in Roma’s upcoming busy schedule.