Robin Olsen: “We’re continuing to grow”.

John Solano

Roma goalkeeper Robin Olsen spoke in the latest edition of AS Roma Match Program. These are his words:

We’ll start with the last match: an important result came against Napoli, one of the most in-form teams in the league and Europe.
The match against Napoli was a very delicate match, a match we knew would be difficult, particularly because we were playing away from home against a great team. Napoli is a group that is doing very well both in the league and in Europe. We started the match very well, but then as the match carried on, they put on the pressure and put us in difficulty. We did well to score first, then we fought and tried in every way to bring home the three points. Unfortunately, they scored a goal in the last minutes and it was a disappointment to leave with two less points.

So is the glass half full or half empty?
At the final whistle, I was really angry we left with only a points but, in the end, it was a point earned and not two lost. As I analyse the match today with a calm mind, we can be satisfied with how the match went, even if we obviously always play for three points and a victory. However, there was plenty of anger at the final whistle.

Roma have had up and down results. Why is this?
Good question! Actually, I do not have an answer as to why sometimes we perform well and others we do not perform up to par. It is difficult to give an answer, but what I can assure is that we always go on the pitch to win and fight for the three points. Sometimes we succeed and other times we don’t — but we have to improve and win especially at home. We can’t afford missteps like we did against SPAL, when we weren’t up to it. But then three days later, we reacted very well at home against CSKA Moscow. We must find greater balance.

The performance in defence has improved greatly in the last matches.
We are growing day by day as a team, both in attack and defence. We work hard in training, with the aim of always improving.

You mentioned recently that you were under enormous pressure: that seems to be behind you.
It’s true, when I arrived there was a lot of pressure on me, but it’s normal when you come to a big club. Roma had a fantastic goalkeeper in Alisson and I was arriving to replace him. I was expecting a lot of pressure and I knew I had to prove my worth on the pitch. I’m working hard every day, every minute, to prove I’m up to it.

What are the differences you found in Italian football?
The differences between the football I came from and the Italian league is enormous. It’s completely different, it’s definitely a better league — there’s no comparison. Now I play with and against stronger players.

How’s your Italian?
It’s getting better on the pitch, I have no problem communicating and making myself understood by my teammates. I’m starting to learn more and more. I have been here for three months and I can definitely still improve– every day I’m slowly learning Italian.

What sort of match will it be against Fiorentina?
I expect a difficult match, a complicated one that is away against a good team. Fortunately, we’ve had the entire week to prepare. The goal is to return with the three points.

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