Roma and the Olimpico: could they really leave?

John Solano

Il Corriere dello Sport released an in-depth look at the possibility of the Giallorossi potentially leaving the Stadio Olimpico.

A day after director Mauro Baldissoni spoke to a host of radio stations stating: “The Olimpico is too large, it’s difficult to fill. Even with a large crowd the fans are too dispersed and the effect of this becomes a disadvantage to the team. I told Spalletti that we should consider playing in a smaller facility with spectators who have their eyes on the pitch and feel engaged with the action and without the difficulties we have at the Olimpico. Regardless, the Olinpico is not our home: it is someone else’s. From the very first moment, we opened a dialogue with the security bodies in charge to try and return things (regarding the Curva Sid closure) to normal. Fans are not criminals. Fans are fans and should be treated as such and put in a position to freely express their passion. Safely, of course. There will be no compromise with those who commit crimes or endanger public safety. But in these first few matches, it seems to me nothing has changed.”

These were declarations of a frustrated Baldissoni. The threat of Roma leaving the Olimpico is quite real, however, this isn’t the first time a club has tried this. Lazio president Claudio Lotito threatened to move his team years ago to Valmontone: between Rome, Frosinone, and Florence. Another option could be playing in Pescara, however, this would also be difficult: this is why Roma’s threats seem to be fiction.

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