Roma and the renewals: the problems

John Solano

La Gazzetta Dello Sport – Dead calm. Maybe even too much. This is the situation of the renewals of Roma, with some situations having been on the plate for some time now but over which time the club has already made it known not to be in a hurry or intending to accelerate. Though, there are a few that are starting to get too delayed, at least for the expectations and early-season promises. It is the renewals for Manolas and Nainggolan, who had already received assurances of new contracts in the summer at Pinzolo and after more than three months, they are still there, waiting. Just like the renewals of Strootman, De Rossi and Spalletti. Roma must return to work quickly on these 5 situations.
Manolas & Radja – They’re the ones who expected the new contracts first after the playoffs of the Champions League and the closing of the summer transfer market. The warmest situation is Manolas’, who earns less than he deserves (€1.8 million including bonuses, while Juan Jesus earns up to €2.2 million) after being approached by Chelsea, City and United in the summer. The entourage of the player is waiting for a signal that Roma has yet to arrive. Even yesterday, Evangelopoulos, the defender’s agent, made it known that he is now growing impatient. Evangelopoulos was in Athens for Greece-Bosnia and, in various talks between insiders, made it clear how he does not like this silence from Roma (despite even requesting an explanation from the club). Manolas wants to start from a base of €3 million per season while Roma don’t intend to go past €2.5 million including bonuses. Bonuses, which is the solution which Roma want to work on for Nainggolan, but this isn’t the solution that Radja likes. The Ninja has refused Chelsea to stay at Roma and now expects the club step forward (he wants nearly €4 million plus easy bonuses to get around €5 million).

The others – Then there are the other three: Strootman, De Rossi, and Spalletti. Spalletti has said he is waiting (“The signing of my renewal is in the hands of the players, if they do well there will be no problems, we have to win. Otherwise, it will mean that I have managed them wrong.”). While for Strootman, there should not be any complications. The Dutchman’s contract is due to expire in 2018, but he has a debt of gratitude towards Roma and will sign, although, he wants to earn more than the current salary of €2.8 million. Finally there is De Rossi. The current performance of the midfielder calls for the renewal. Daniele is well, he wants to stay (postponing his overseas experience by a few years) and Roma thinks toward this. The “white smoke” could arrive in January.

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