Roma attend appeal of Strootman’s ban

John Solano

Judgement Day for Kevin Strootman. This morning at 10.00 CET, the Dutch midfielder, director Mauro Baldissoni and lawyer Antonio Conte showed up at the FIGC’s Sporting Court of Appeals to raise their defence argument to try to erase the two-match ban of Strootman.

The defence of the club was based primarily on the fact that Strootman’s shirt was indeed pulled and that he is not guilty of having simulated. At Trigoria, they are convinced you cannot make a judgement based on the television because the referee Banti and fourth referee, Costanzo, have witnessed the whole scene. Strootman clarified his fall and stated that he did so to prevent being hit again and when he realized no further blows were coming his way he got up immediately. In support of this, Roma showed several pictures and video.

The meeting then lasted roughly a half hour and was followed by Mauro Baldissoni issuing a statement:

“How did it go? We’ll know in an hour how it went. We expressed our view, which was already known. We believe that there was no right to use video evidence for a case of this kind, plus the interpretation is a bit extensive and we always worry about the extensions of sports justice. Their explanation to me opens all these new doors and a new frontier that goes to question the solidity of the existing rules. This ban puts at risk the regularity of the season, in general, so it is all of our business: we must fight this.”

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26 May 20:45