Ünder: “Roma was the best choice.”

Roma attacked Cengiz Ünder spoke to Sky Sport today. Here is an excerpt of his words:

“We still have not secured third place but we want to do so. We want to finish over Lazio because we are a better team. Next year, I dream of the Scudetto because we have a great team.”

“My huge dream was to play in the Champions League and I have done so. We want to repeat what we have done next season but do better in the league. Our performance this year has not been bad but we can always improve. My dream is to win the Scudetto with this great team. Choosing Roma was one of the best choices of my life: I made the right choice. I signed a 5 year contract when I arrived and I am very happy to be here, I have adapted a lot to my teammates and now isn’t the time to talk of another transfer.”

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