Roma CEO Guido Fienga discusses Dzeko, Totti, and more

John Solano

Roma CEO Guido Fienga was tonight presented with the Castagna d’Oro prize at the ninth annual edition of the Premio Calabrese and spoke after being presented with the award. Here’s what he had to say: 

Will we start the season with Edin Dzeko playing and captaining the side?
Of course. Edin is the captain of Roma and for as long as he wants to be he will remain the captain of Roma.

You are the CEO, but you are also overseeing the transfer market: how difficult is that task and how well prepared do you feel for it? After the takeover, will the Friedkin Group be delivering a present to the squad too?
I am doing a task that is not mine – you will never hear me claim to be an expert on football. I help the club with the negotiations, with the aim of balancing the books. I maintain that the club already has a very strong squad and a great coach. As happens in every transfer window, we have to try and address certain areas where we have fewer options in different positions, and that is what we are focusing on.

We have been making a real effort, even since last year, to make sure we keep the players that have impressed the most over the course of the season, and make sure those players don’t leave. That’s our biggest achievement, and I think that is being recognised: the fact that we are heading towards the season not by trying to find answers where we were already strong, but by looking at solutions in areas where there is room for improvement.

For many years there has been a more business-minded approach, looking to make profits from the transfer market…
We hope to be able to show at the end of the transfer market that that approach has totally changed, and that’s what we are working towards. Making splashes in the transfer market? The players we already have here within the squad are great players. If someone new comes in then that means we think they can bring quality and something extra to a side that already has a lot of great options.

Should we expect Francesco Totti to get a coffee with Dan Friedkin soon – and also one with Fienga?
We have a really good, open relationship, both with Francesco and Daniele. There is no need for controversy or speculation – it’s not necessary, it’s not helpful and above all it isn’t true.

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