Roma COO Francesco Calvo: “We want to finish the season. The idea is to play the entire months of June and July”.

Roma COO Francesco Calvo appeared on Roma TV this evening and admitted that the will of the club is to complete the 2019/2020.

“We realise football isn’t the top priority at the moment, but we’re aware of the social importance football has. So there is the will – and European football is proving to be united in this regard – to resume leagues and bring a conclusion to the campaign,” he revealed.

“Our medical staff believes it will take 3-4 weeks to get the players back in the right conditions. There are various drafts of the league calendar that are being discussed, but the idea is to play the entirety of June and July”.

“Both the players and clubs are open to moving the usual end of the season, 30 June, to 30 July — which is when player contracts, the fiscal year, and television contracts would expire”.

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