Roma, countdown for Nzonzi

John Solano

Il Messaggero (Carina): The public appreciation of Pallotta for N’Zonzi did not give the expected acceleration for the player. There are three main reasons: 1) In addition to €3.5 million (including bonuses) offered, Roma does not want to raise their proposal 2) The player is in a waiting position, as Arsenal have inquired, offering more than the Giallorossi 3) Sevilla, at least apparently, continues to make a wall around the player. In this regard, yesterday the president of the Andalusian club, Castro, reiterated his message in recent days: “I will repeat it once again, Steven is our player. There is no negotiation in place. We are waiting for him between the 8 and 9 for his medical visits.” It’s a date not by chance. On 9 August, in fact, next Thursday (at 6pm) the English transfer market closes, and clubs throughout Europe will be collecting and examining proposal. Rome are also awaiting this date. It is clear that if there is a possibility to define things before, then the operation will be completed. However, without the temptations of the Premier League, Monchi is aware that at that point, he would have more contractual power for the player. From there: you take what we offer you (€3.5 million for four years, including bonuses) or stay in Sevilla with your current salary (around €2.5 million). It’s precisely for this reason that in Boston, where the Giallorossi hierarchy are currently fixed, the club remains in a waiting position. The sporting director, who in the last hours met often with Pallotta, Baldini, Baldissoni and Massara, is in no hurry. He is confident that when the Frenchman understands that Roma is the only remaining option at a high level, he will willingly accept the wages offered to him. Also because then the second phase of the operation will begin: negotiations with Sevilla. Monchi believes he can lower their asking price. He knows the dynamics of the club and knows the transfer policy they have implement and he realises that, for them, this is the right time to sell the midfielder. Nzonzi will celebrate his 30th birthday on 15 December, he has just returned from the World Cup and has a contract expiring in 2020. Translation: it is now or never. Roma is willing to put €25 million plus bonuses on the table.

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