Roma like Berardi, dislike Sassuolo’s asking price

Alfredo Pedullà of SportItalia has reported this evening that Roma are indeed interested in Domenico Berardi of Sassuolo.

Reportedly, Berardi was more than just a consideration, however, the interest for the winger has calmed within the last two weeks after Monchi learned of Sassuolo’s demands for the player: which are in excess of €40 million. Monchi knows Di Francesco likes the player, but he strongly disagrees with Sassuolo’s price tag. Monchi tried to understand the possibility of lowering Sassuolo’s demands, but he realized that this would be unlikely.

And so the search for Roma continues. Munir is a well-known target, while Cuadrado had been proposed to Roma several weeks ago in exchange for Manolas, but Roma answered with a definitive “no”.

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