Roma receive another Stadio della Roma boost

Another positive step in the direction of the Stadio della Roma.

Il Tempo revealed three weeks ago that The Department of Contemporary Architecture , led by Architect Federica Galloni, raised a ridiculous issue regarding the stadium’s construction. Galloni and her group cited an old law claiming that the Hippodrome at the Tor di Valle, where Roma plan on building the stadium, cannot be demolished without consent of the builder or the heirs of the builders. Galloni argued Clara Lafuente, daughter of Julio Lafuente, who was one of the designers of the race track, must first approve its demolishing.

Galloni’s motion was added on top of the one lodged by “Italia Nostra” on behalf of Superintendent of Fine Arts, Margherita Eichberg, who also argued against the Hippodrome’s destruction. Eichberg’s motion, however, was rejected in June, though, she appealed this rejected decision. Finally today, according to Il Tempo, Eichberg’s appeal, as well as the motion lodged by Galloni’s group, have both been rejected.

These two rejections are a big boost to Roma and it now clears the way for the final outcome of the Conferenza dei Servizi, which is expected to arrive next week on Monday or Tuesday.


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