Roma unveil Marcano

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Roma sporting director Monchi was joined today by newly acquired defender Ivan Marcano, who joined the Giallorossi on a free transfer this summer. These are their words:

Monchi begins: “Good afternoon to everyone, Marcano is the first Spanish purchase I have made since my arrival in Rome, it’s something special, I followed him a lot in Spain and when he played abroad, he could have stayed at the Porto and he had other offers, he chose Roma and we hope he creates a good path here.”

(To Marcano) Monchi said you had other options, why Roma?
I felt that Roma was the best project, they wanted me immediately and I was flattered by this interest, I could have stayed at Porto and I had other possibilities, but I chose to take this step.

(To Monchi) What does Marcano add to the defenders who are already in the roster?
He brings maturity, his technical qualities – there are many things that he can give to the team, he is a perfect complement for the players we already have in the team.

(To Marcano) The feelings about your new teammates?
I’m progressing step by step, I have to learn the language and I need to know my teammates better, the only one I have played with is Manolas, but so far it’s been a good impression.

(To Marcano) Was it a difficult negotiation?
Not so much because the desire to come to Roma was important: after the first meeting everything was easier, it’s true, the possibility of staying at Porto was always there, but the technical project was important for his choice.

(To Monchi) The defence is the strong point from last season. You said there were no offers for Alisson, is there a 100% chance he remains?
It’s the same chance given to Manolas, Dzeko, Pellegrini, all of whom I have not received offers for. I know you do not believe me (laughs), but there was no offer. If an offer arrives we will study it and decide, just like the others. Alisson must now recover from his efforts at the World Cup in order to repeat the season he had last year.

(To Marcano) There is a lot of competition in your role, what expectations do you have?
My ambition is to fight for a place and give my contribution.

(To Monchi) Could Juan Jesus and Capradossi leave?
Preseason has started, perhaps there are too many player, but we have to understand what the Mister thinks. In my head, having been a goalkeeper, the more defenders there are, the better. The season is very long, having too many defenders doesn’t seem to be a problem, but we have to wait a while to understand if the Mister is happy or if a transfer is required.

(To Monchi) How’s Karsdorp?
Fortunately, he has returned to a great physical level with a strong desire to play. We’re waiting for him. He’s at the same level as his teammates, he’s an important addition for us. He’s a player who we bought last year and have a lot of confidence in. We were convinced he was a strong player but the injury didn’t allow him to play.

(To Monchi) Between Ziyech and Berardi, who has a better chance of arriving?
According to Wikipedia? It seems to be a trick question. As I said on Saturday, Roma is a big club, big clubs keep an eye on the transfer market until the very end. There are roughly 40 days until it closes. To say either Ziyech or Berardi means the sporting director is poor, or at least that he’s thinking small. We’re taking the time to understand right now what we need and if something is missing or can improve. Though, the range of names in my head is not so small.

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