Lulic recitifies his statement, Lazio apologize

John Solano

18.30 CET: Lazio director of communications, Arturo Diaconale,has issued a statement on the racist words of midfielder Senad Lulic, “The club is upset by these words and the way they have been interpreted. On behalf of Lazio, I say ‘sorry’ as these are words made in the heat of the moment from a player who is coming off of a difficult moment of losing the Derby. The statements went over the line, but controversy started with previous comments from that Roma player, but now we all must use our heads to not blow this out of proportion. The important thing is to recognise the grave error on the player’s part.”

The apology comes after Senad Lulic returned to the media and said, “Rudiger? I don’t want to talk about it but maybe when you’re angry you say things that you shouldn’t have.”

18.00 CET: Roma and Antonio Ruediger will not respond to the racist statements of Lazio midfielder Senad Lulic.

The Lazio midfielder after the match had stated, “In Stuttgart, Rüdiger sold socks and belts but now he thinks he’s a phenomenon.”

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