Roma’s appeal of automatic Verona loss rejected

John Solano

The FIGC’s Sporting Court of Appeals has rejected Roma’s appeal of their 0-3 loss handed down to them against Hellas Verona.

The Court released its decision this afternoon and deemed that the Giallorossi’s appeal, which they filed immediately after having been penalised with the defeat, was “unfounded.”

Roma were handed an automatic 0-3 defeat against the Venetian side, despite the match having ended 0-0, because of an administrative error — midfielder Amadou Diawara (23), who took part in the match, was mistakenly added to the team’s Under-22 section of their official team list.

The Court confirmed the 0-3 defeat and reiterated that “…the use of a player not included in the regular, 25-man roster in a league fixture is prohibited and is the responsibility of the club.”

Their decision also stated that, “Moreover, the claiming club cannot benefit from the reference of a principle of good faith given that U N. 83/A, which is the regulation that we are discussing, has been in force since 2014.”

“Roma were alerted to the situation via the Lega Serie A’s computer system the moment that Amadou Diawara was included in the wrong list. Therefore, the claimant (Roma) should have proceeded with the utmost caution and not use the player.”

The news comes as a huge blow to the Giallorossi as the loss marks their only defeat of the season.

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