Rüdiger: “I dream of winning a title.”

John Solano

Roma defender Antonio Rüdiger was interviewed today by, here are his words:

Perhaps a long career for you in the Eternal City?
It could very well happen where one day Roma decide they don’t want me anymore. I hope to have another 10 years of good football ahead of me, it is a long period in which anything can happen. Do you know who your boss will be in 10 years?

A goal your dream of?
Definitely. Playing with Roma at the international level and with Germany are dreams that have already come true. Of course in the next few years I want to win a title, and surely this can be done with Roma.

A return to the Bundesliga?
The Bundesliga is one of the best leagues in the world, I can not rule out a return there someday. But in my mind, now, I do not have the goal of returning to Germany.

Roma have suffered resounding defeats several times, the last was with Garcia against Barcelona. How do you explain that?
At that stage, things didn’t work out, we had several players injured, some bad luck and the results weren’t there. The Mistsr had to go and I was upset. Luckily, Spalletti is back. I wasn’t in Rome before so I can’t say more.

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