Ruggiero Rizzitelli: “Dybala is exactly what Roma were missing all these years.”

Andy Mattioli

Former Roma attacker Ruggiero Rizzitelli had nothing but high praise for Roma’s newest signing, Paulo Dybala, in a recent interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Someone like Paulo Dybala cannot be questioned, he has already demonstrated his qualities,” said Rizzitelli.

“The only doubt may be related to his physical condition, but I am sure that Roma has extensively tested him.”

“He certainly does not lack enthusiasm and in Rome he will be showered with love. He will be the new leader of the team. I mean, he is already one now and he has yet to play a single game.”

“And he’s exactly what Roma lacked, before there wasn’t a player with his characteristics.”

“Zaniolo is a good striker but he is different, he lacks Dybala’s technique, he is more physical, while we know what Paulo can do with that foot of his.”

On Dybala-Abraham: “Those two form one of the most dangerous attacking duos in the league.”

“If we think that the Englishman did very well last year whilst being practically alone up front, with Dybala next to him he will certainly have more opportunities, but also more freedom because the opponents who previously had to focus only on him, will now be forced to split their tasks.”

“I don’t think Dybala will feel any kind of pressure, he played in big teams before and won. Maybe he can be overwhelmed by the enthusiasm, but I believe that it can only motivate him even more. From this point of view there is no better place than the capital.”

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