Sabatini: “I will always be a Roma fan.”

John Solano

Former Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini gave a long interview to La Nazione, here is an excerpt of his words:

“How am I doing without Roma? I am suffering and totally paralyzed. Roma wasn’t just a piece of my life, it was my entire life. Certainly I’ll try to start over soon especially because the second wake up I look for something to do: I live to work the rest of existence is just an after-effect. I’m not able to make ends-meet (laughs). I need to work.

“Roma are a moral commitment. Roma is not mine, yours, or anybody else’s: it the people’s, it is an emotion of the people, a true love but also a bit unnatural. I have lived this responsibility and have tried to drive and instill this love, which is still alive today, day after day. This Roma, in truth, is also mine because of the players that I have chosen and for the manager that I wanted and brought: he is a brilliant man, always tinkering plus he works in with passion. I will always be a Roma fan.”

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