Sabatini: “Roma don’t miss me.”

Walter Sabatini, former sporting director of Roma, was a guest on Sky Sports remote studio from London. These are the words of the Umbrian:

What are you doing in London?
To watch some matches, it’s the only country playing now. I am cold and hungry so I will smoke (laughs).

Because there is no football in Rome?
Roma don’t miss me, they’re too busy with their matches but I still live every day with the same intensity and the same emotion as always. I miss the routine of football in general but soon I will be back. Football is my life and career.

Roma paid around €30 million for Iturbe.
A bit less but still a lot.

For you he is a regret?
Yes because he’s only 23 years old and was also the victim of his mind, in Rome everything was difficult. He had a great start, he scored goals in the Champions League and against Juventus, then he had an injury and did not perform at the level of what was expected of him. I think that Torino is a good choice for him and Roma, to regenerate and start over by showing all his qualities.

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