Sabatini speaks on the market

John Solano

Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini spoke today and addressed the transfer market of Roma, here are his words:

We are bringing here a very important player, the starter of the Brazilian national team and he has arrived despite the perception we have too many goalkeepers. Szczesny is an Arsenal player, De Sanctis is out of contract, and Lukas, the Polish lad, I have decided to replace. We have only Lobont. So for anyone who is concerned about a crowd in goal: I want to launch a message of peace.

He is an Arsenal player, we will see if we can keep him in Rome. Meanwhile we brought a boy who is very strong and only 23, he’s a very important player who will play in the Copa America.

El Shaarawy?
We’re pleased to have an option to buy him that we will exercise. He has done well and gets along with his teammates and the Mister.

Pjanic and Nainggolan?
It depends also on what the players want. I can say that we will try to keep them at Roma and make the team even more competitive than in recent years. I think this is something we will be able to do.