Sabatini: “The loss won’t change our transfer market.”

Walter Sabatini after Roma’s embarrassing defeat in the Champions League:

“An explanation? The technical questions must be asked to Spalletti. All I can say is that it was a very bitter night for Roma and the fans but we must immediately restart. We’ll try to correct the approach.”

“De Rossi? I haven’t spoken to Daniele but I can only give my interpretation of it: Daniele was out of position and tried to recover the ball. It was a dreadful night. After the goal there was a decline in our attitude.”

“Pallotta? I’m sure he is angry like all of us. The result doesn’t change our strategy on the transfer market. We will see the mysteries that will be done on the market but we would do the same things had we won, but obviously with a different spirit.”


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    02-04-2023 16:00