Samp coach D’Aversa previews Roma clash: “Let’s make ourselves a Christmas gift.”

Andy Mattioli

Sampdoria manager Roberto D’Aversa spoke to the media ahead of tomorrow’s midweek fixture Roma-Sampdoria.

“We coming off a positive streak and our intent is to continue while knowing the difficulties that will arise tomorrow evening. On our part, there must be the desire to make an important result. We must do our best.”

“Roma come off a fresh victory against Atalanta. They are certainly energized, they played a day before us, although that’s not an excuse.”

“It will be a difficult game but on our part we must be willing to go and play an important game.”

On the mental aspect following Venezia scoring a goal in the dying minutes of Samp’s last game:

“I think we need to look forward as we do in normal life. Regarding the mental aspect we need to think about the fact that we have to go and take back what we gave up at the 87 minute against Venezia. We must do so in Rome.”

“We have to go get the Christmas present in Rome.”

On facing Mourinho:

“When a coach meets Mourinho, a winning coach like him, there is pride in putting him in difficult. Personally, I can’t wait to shake hands with such an important coach.”

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