Samp DS Osti: “A draw would have been more fair.”

Carlo Osti, Sampdoria sporting director, was interviewed by TeleNord and talked about the penalty awarded to Roma and the match in general. These are his words:

“We could have gone home one point, but that’s not the problem: I am very reassured by how the team approached the match. There were two different matches within the match: Totti created this difference, both in the technical sense and the environment in the stadium. A draw still would have been a more fair result. There has to be calmness and we should not go and create problems, even in a case like this where we have been wronged. We should not feel sorry for ourselves.”

He continued, “I think Roma had an excellent match, I am very happy with the way the match was addressed: it was the most difficult match of the first three we have had because Roma has important objectives in a difficult season. We had a good match in the first half but dropped off in the second.”


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