Schick pleased after goal, SPAL win

Patrik Schick to SportMediaset after SPAL 0-3 Roma:

A long-awaited goal.
Yes, finally, I’ve been waiting for it for too long. I want to work for the team and then the goals will come. It’s my objective, so the goals will come.

Are you able to unlock now?
Yes. Things didn’t go as planned from the start, I had a lot of injuries. Now I am working without any problems and I’m happy that I scored.

You’ve had the support of your teammates?
Dzeko is a great friend of mine, I’m please that he’s happy with my goal. I’m very pleased.

Now comes the most important match. 
Today was not easy, it was very hot out. Winning three to zero is also important ahead of Liverpool. Now we’ll prepare and hope to win.

What will Roma need in Liverpool?
We must be as ruthless as we were against Barcelona, ​​this is the way.

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