Spalletti: “I am convinced Sabatini will remain.”

John Solano

Roma manager Luciano Spalletti spoke today at l’Università degli Studi di Tor Vergata to Motor Science students and was intercepted by media members, including RomaPress, here are his words:

Is Sabatini convinced to stay?
Sabatini knows what to do on his own, it’s not the kind of thing you need to do a lot of convincing. To me, he has always seemed well-intentioned towards Roma and therefore I am convinced that he will remain because when you do things with emotion and things that are difficult it means you care and must go with what’s in your heart.

Sabatini said that he will meet with Dzeko.
The club: Sabatini, Baldissoni and Zecca will meet in the next few days. It’s a normal thing. The players must be heard, they have their needs. Everyone does this while also behaving well and looking out for their own interests, this is fine.

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