Spalletti: “I’m sorry to leave.”

John Solano

Luciano Spalletti held a farewell press conference today at Trigoria, here is an excerpt of his words:

“I thank Monchi for the kind words, it will be a regret not to be able to continue working with him. I think that especially at this moment, after the goodbye of Francesco, there is a need for points of reference to this club, the need for strong people with personality, who also have strong professionalism, Monchi has all of this. I am convinced that he will be able to compact together all of the resources of Roma. I wasn’t able tonsucceed. Thank you, director.”

“First, I must thank all those behind the scenes, even at Trigoria such as the cooks, cleaning women, and all those people who work without the limelight. Then of course the players, the club, my staff, and the rest of the staff that there are.”

“The whistles? Undeserved. If those who whistled were in my head, I doubt they would’ve done so. I leave because of the separation that has been created. Perhaps I’m responsible for this. Totti? I didn’t make him quit. I helped him play on for another season.”

“I’ve explained why I’m leaving. Managers come and go and there’s no one result that determined anything. Everyone can judge how things how they want. But I do things for the good of Roma. “I think that we worked in right manner, properly, seriously, and then there were some crucial steps, crucial results and crucial moments; but the most important thing is that in my opinion we’re leaving a strong Roma. It’s a Roma which, as a team, has different individual qualities but which has behaved almost entirely collectively. The environment here is very strong and beautiful so I’m sorry to leave.”

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19 May 20:45