Spalletti, Pallotta, Baldissoni meet

John Solano

Roma manager Luciano Spalletti, director Mauro Baldissoni, and president James Pallotta met today at the Studio Tonucci today in Rome. Spalletti spoke to awaiting media members after the meeting, here are his words:

How was the meeting?
The meeting went well, I haven’t seen them for some time. It was a reason to say ‘Hello’ and exchanged pleasantries. We spoke and caught up with each other and then spoke in general about our situations.

Did you talk about Totti?
We are a team: certainly we will talk about Totti and the components of everybody’s role, including Francesco, I’ve been repetitive on this and have said the same thing: you keep asking that question and that’s how I’ll keep responding.

Pallotta said that the major players will remain, have you have been reassured?
We’re talking about this and I think it is difficult to feel reassured when the transfer market is open, but let’s emphasize that Roma has a nice motor: it’d be good to work on the finer details of the motor because the team of strong horses that we have should be maintained.

Digne and Szczesny?
We are talking about keeping both: that is our will. However, you’d have to ask PSG because it seems to be that they would like to keep him. We will see if they allow him to leave. Sabatini will speak to you regarding the market.

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