Spalletti: “Rome? I’m attached to this city.”

John Solano

Roma manager Luciano Spalletti spoke today to the Italian hub of UEFA’s official website, here is an excerpt of his words:

Your relationship with Totti and his role at Roma?
Totti was, is, and will be always all about the team. The solution that Roma often looks to is Totti, he’s like a shortcut. He showed this last season and this season that he can still lend a hand to the team from a technical point of view, with his quality and creativity in the search for results. Totti is a genius, he is not just a talent. If you can support and utilize him as a strength of the entire team, this brilliant player can put his quality and genius in play. Obviously, though, if the team does not have possession of the ball then the match becomes more difficult. These are why you have to take things like that into consideration when you’re talking about a player of his age. Although, he clings more tightly given the little time he has left: you can see him train better than the last session.

Strootman and his importance?
Strootman is an exceptional player, a beautiful person in all respects. Players like him are always ready because he works in the right way. He’s a very serious person, a leader that everyone wants in their team. He can fit everywhere.

Your relationship with Rome the city?
My relationship with Rome is fantastic because I never take a wrong turn. I only know the way from my home to Trigoria. I have been taken to see the beauty of the city, which really stays in your heart if you see it in the right way because it’s marvellous. If you get to learn a bit about Rome’s history and the Romans while you’re at it, even better. In fact, I don’t really have a social life. I often go home and then I go straight back to work – that’s it. I don’t know many other places in the city unfortunately, but it’s an intense relationship because my children have grown up here, so, as a family, we’re strongly connected to this city.

And with the Roma fans?
The Romans and Roma fans are very attached, Roma is the second skin of the Romans. They act quickly on these feelings so a bit of tension or anxiety arises quickly because you know the feelings behind the team here are like. You’re almost forced to absorb the love for this team and the colors. But you’re the one that has to translate this on to the field and not everyone has the thick-skin and personality to bear this burden. But thankfully this is something we must bear and put into practice.

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