Spalletti speaks ahead of Lyon-Roma

John Solano

Roma manager Luciano Spalletti spoke today to Sky Sport ahead of his team’s Europa League clash against Lyon:

Have you thought back to the match of 10 years ago against Lyon?
That was a different team and a different league, Lyon had won seven championships in a row. Now they are a bit behind but the league has grown, it is less easy to catch them by surprise. They’re always on high alert because they see things of a high level so often.

What sort of moment are Roma living?
There is some fatigue because it touches both your body and mind, but from the mind is where we must work, if you can get your mind right then your body follows. We knew that this would be a crucial period. We have to get back to where we were and it starts with tomorrow’s match.

Is there too much defeatism around Rome?
I’d say there is. We want to always be first in everything and when something is not right it becomes easy to throw away the entire year’s work. We lost two matches but we did a year’s worth of good work, we need more effort which will help us now and the future.