Spalletti speaks ahead of Lyon

John Solano

Roma manager Luciano Spalletti spoke today ahead of tomorrow’s second leg against Lyon, here is an excerpt of his words:

“Tests for Peres today were negative so we will see how he responds in training. Perotti hand a express issue but he trained yesterday and did what he had to do. Emerson has a problem in his left quadricep.”

“We’ve got to do something different than the first leg. We will have double the desire and we will not be wandering throughout the field.”

“I never saw any doubt in my team. Tomorrow night we will have something more, we must not make mistakes. The result of the first leg penalizes us because even if we had lost 1-0 we would need two goals to advance.”

“Pallotta returning? I will greet him cordially, I have nothing that I have to say to him. I will listen to what he has to say. There’s nothing left to say about the mess that came about. I must bring home results that I hope that’s enough for him. I do not have to say anything, I just have to listen.”

“It will be a delicate match so we must be careful, we’ll play our game and try to find rhythm but we cannot get unorganized while doing this. We must be balanced. We can also play with a back 4, but it is crucial to be balanced. We must enter the pitch without regret and fear.”

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