Spalletti speaks ahead of Roma-Milan

John Solano

Roma manager Luciano Spalletti held his usual pre-match press conference today at Trigoria, here are his words:

“Peres is now back with the group and is all right. Strootman and Vermaelen are in the group. Florenzi, Salah and Paredes are recovering as normal. Totti has a stomach flu and a high fever. It’s impossible for him to recover for tomorrow because of this virus.”

“Difficult to prepare after the Derby? I always do something different. Everyone in the league is tough. What is fundamental is that we focus on the present. We’ve had some poor showings but we must not look either back or forward. We must leverage the most from this. So when you go to prepare for a job, the moment you must think of is now, that’s how we must live. If one can live only in the present everything is much easier for the to function for the objective and live with more joy in their lives. We must give weight to all of the matches in the same way and continue not to rehash things and look back. In football, the time is now: the match you are playing for, that’s what you have to take advantage of.”

“Who would I like to remove from Milan? I would like to remove only Montella because Roma and the Olimpico are his home. He will return one day as manager and will be a great Mister. It is true that Roma was built to win while Milan was not. The fact that Milan are on par with Roma on points highlights the characteristics of the managers. I’m doing a normal thing and he’s doing something extraordinary. He’s a good manager and will be a great Mister. I read that he forgave me after my words and I’m glad.”

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MatchDay 38
26 May 20:45