Spalletti speaks ahead of Toro

Roma manager Luciano Spalletti spoke today ahead of tomorrow’s clash against Torino, here are his words:

When talking of Torino, it always creates a special respect within me as someone who loves sport and football. The accomplishments of Il Grande Torino have a unique significance, so it always feels as if we’re facing Torino with those legends watching over them. Mihajlovic is someone who surely fills the role as manager of Toro very well, he has strong character, so it will be difficult for us. We need to build on recent performances and to try to win this match. Torino play good football, have some good players and it will require a strong Roma.

If he starts the match then it says a lot about his character. It gives me enormous pleasure to see him again, even though as an opponent. He is still a player of Roma. I’m glad he has found a great club where he can play with continuity. It gives him something extra because he wants to prove his worth.

Does Vermaelen have athletic pubalgia?
Yes it is that. But when it comes to the groin, it must be said that there are several types of this conditions. Some inflammations heal in 15 days, others take longer.

Juan Jesus?
In my opinion, he’s one of the players of Roma who are most reliable. He Has gotten some things wrong, but that’s because he had an injury to his ankle and I asked him to grit his teeth and play through it. I won’t say who will start tomorrow, but in such a delicate match, I think it’d be silly to change the defence now so as long as nothing changes, it’ll be Manolas and Fazio.

Can Dzeko score 20?
In my opinion yes: he will score 20. Goals are what he will be judged on but they are the result of teamwork: if that isn’t here then the statistics of goals is irrelevant.