Spalletti speaks ahead of Villarreal second leg

John Solano

Roma manager Luciano Spalletti spoke today ahead of Roma’s second leg match against Villarreal tomorrow at the Olimpico:

“As for the injured, Nurs is continuing his recovery and then there’s the injury to Florenzi. Otherwise there’s nothing new.”

Is it tough to mentally prepare for tomorrow’s race?
It’s difficult. If we are not up to the task it is difficult, but this sort of talk is a bit outdated. Footballing history proves that there have been dramatics results and comebacks. Such as Milan beating Deportivo 4-1 then losing 4-0. There are various examples of results that have changed from the first half to the end of the match.

Yes, there will be some turnover but because the guys have the quality. Guys such as Vermaelen, Jesus, and Paredes are ones you want to call reserves because they play less, but it’s fantasy to call them reserves. Even Perotti, El Shaarawy and Mario Rui, who have had little space, have proven they can be counted. I don’t know if you want specific names but I think I’ve given enough information to be clear on who will play.

Totti and Gerson?
There’s two or three positions for tomorrow that I have to evaluate and these few I have to take considerations of but I still have time as the match is a still a bit away, I will make the choice myself. Francesco will play. Gerson has played very little, he is committed, he hasn’t played much but has quality.

Salah and Dzeko on the bench tomorrow?
Tomorrow night, they won’t play.

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