Spalletti: “The Totti situation? Everyone has gotten tired of it.”

John Solano

Former Roma and current Inter manager Luciano Spalletti was interviewed by Corriere dello Sport and was asked about his long standing feud with Francesco Totti:

How will you respond to Totti or what will you say the next time you see him?
If we continue with this saga of Totti-Spalletti, even the turnstiles in the stadium will stop turning as a form of protest. I think everyone has gotten tired of this story.

Why doesn’t everyone in Rome love a manager who raised 3 trophies in his 7 years plus obtained important finishes in the table? Do you think that the relationship should be different given what you achieved?
When you accept that you must shoulder responsibilities and make decisions, even the most unpopular ones, but always for the good of the team, inevitably you end up disgruntling some and losing their support. I repeat, if I have a fault, it is that I have always worked for the good of Roma. Then everyone can make a judgement as they please. Certainly, my personal thoughts allow me a clear conscience because I know I have given my all. Or perhaps even more.

De Rossi said that in the future he would like to become your or Di Francesco’s assistant manager. Is there a place in your staff for him?
Given the absolute quality of my staff, I would like to say that the possibility of entering is only allowed for champions like him.

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