Spalletti: “We are working well. Manolas will remain.”

John Solano

Roma manager Luciano Spalletti spoke after training today during the Giallorossi’s ritiro in the United States, here are his words:

I still have to look at all of the components. But yesterday we got here and took the pitch, trained today: we must examine the various details, the various needs that we have. As always, the club will have thought of all the components that are necessary, because for us, this season is really important. We will immediately be in a difficult situation when we return to Italy: we must work.

All of the national team players are back, have you spoken to them?
Yes, we spine. They had a great time, they are all eager to start again. Almost everyone has done their homework. We are happy to have them with us again.

How is Manolas and how are you approaching this tour?Juve and Higuain?
Just like before, they’re very strong. I don’t understand all this talk (about the situation).

He is motivated. Dzeko is one of those who wants to redeem himself, and I think that he will give us his complete contribution. Last season, this happened in some moments and not others, his intentions are good and beautiful to see.

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