Spalletti: “Yesterday? A mature match.”

John Solano

Roma manager Luciano Spalletti appeared on Roma Radio today a day after his team’s 3-1 win over Chievo:

“I listen to the group closely, it’s a group that we have chosen and trust. All of our players have important value and, as a result, we don’t change anything should one of them make a mistake, like what happened to Peres yesterday but he still made an outstanding contribution. I told Emerson that he smelled a bit so we sprayed some perfume on him so we could express his qualities and be recognized. Roma are not an ideal team to help young player grow and allow them to make a mistake. You can do that in Udine or Empoli so it becomes easier for certain player to express themselves.”

“Fazio? He has quality, personality. We also talked about Fazio previously in Russia but then he moved to England, his value was clear. Yesterday he gave us a big hand, he showed the burden of the central role and the importance of starting the play from the back.”

“Yesterday? A mature match from Roma. Certainly a step forward in the determination and personality point of views. You can lose against Juve but against Empoli and Cagliari you must win. There are certain matches you can lose but others where you must overpower the opposition.”

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