Spalletti’s pre-Napoli press conference

John Solano

(For Napoli) it’s usually the same 11: is it something that can be a limit or a strength?
It becomes difficult to assess that. They have other strong players who don’t start. You have to look at the facts: based on what they’ve done this with these numbers and this type of play, it means that Sarri has his reasons. They’re the strongest after Juve.

Napoli plays openly. Does this affect the way you train?
I also change the way we train sometimes. We will try to field our team that gives us the most guarantees. They are strong, they play open but manage to be balanced in all phases of the match. We must be good, compact and persistent in our attitude.

Roma-Napoli at the Olimpico will be the penultimate one for Totti?
You have to ask this to question Pallotta, he speaks English better than me. I’ve gotten myself in this situation already, I do not want to make lite of certain things. We are interested in this goal: which is the match, we are all under discussion, we have a goal in front of us that we to want to reach in every way.

He has shown he can give more?
I’ve had this non-existant rivalry with Totti thrust upon me. I’m pleased if he’s doing what he loves.