Spalletti’s pre-Torino press conference

John Solano

Roma manager Luciano Spalletti spoke today ahead of tomorrow’s match against Torino, here are his words:

The available.
Lobont is out because he suffered a knock to his right elbow yesterday, Gyomber will train with the group, Digne is OK and will train with the group, Pjanic will go a bit today with the group, however, he will be assessed. He and Digne trained separately yesterday. As for the rest, everyone is available, Pjanic has a small hamstring strain, but yesterday the sensations were good, today he will be evaluated when he is in the group.

How do you explain the two consecutive draws? A lapse in concentration?
Sometimes, there are times when things don’t go your way. Roma must continue to study, manage, and make their game. During the struggle, we lost our qualities and our features due to some of the choices I’ve made. We seem to lose something when things get more physical. A different kind of reasoning should’ve been used against Atalanta. We played more physical, but Atalanta knows how to exploit the physicality of a team, but Roma has done good things both in Bergamo and against Bologna. I expected more experience on our side, especially with all the balls we lost. There were some questionable moments. We almost almost won in Bergamo: we tied it up then almost won it.

Physically, how are things? Torino?
I have not seen problems from the physical point of view but from the point of view of the balance. If we don’t play well against Torino, we’ll run the same risk. They’re good at staying compact and are strong defensively. They play through their memory, Ventura knows them well, he is a master of football as well as being an exceptional person. He knows how to give his style of play to his teams. It’s well known how good of a club Toro are, they know how to work and convince on the field. We must be careful. If we succeed it is clear that we can win it, but we have to be good.

Distractions occur inside the locker rooms. What happens outside the dressing room is another thing. From our point of view, everything is all right. We’re working towards Torino. Everyone was focused yesterday. Obviously I must take action on certain rules and moderation to give a strong message given to the team, but everything is fine.

Was there some carelessness by Digne on Atlanta’s first goal?
No, we were all distracted. I don’t want to talk about that.

I am staying here, I’m an employee of the club. The contract is for one and a half years.

Garcia often said ‘I love my players’: you seem to be the opposite, very cold.
When it comes to my choice of formation I have no feelings. It’s not like I won’t help my players if they need me. If there’s anything I can do I do it. When it comes to my choices, I have no mothers or fathers in my choices. Understand? When I insert or take out a player I do it because I think it’s fair, it depends on the qualities best suited for the match. I have only one goal. I love my players.

But your strategy is opposite of Garcia’s.
I make the right choices.