Spezia boss Thiago Motta furious with last minute refereeing decision

Andy Mattioli

Spezia manager Thiago Motta was not happy with Fabbri’s decision to review the final episode on VAR and hand Roma a last minute penalty. His side fought bravely even after going down to ten men in the second half.

Motta was furious in his post-match interview with DAZN. “I expect some apologies, the same apologies that are made to the big teams following such episodes.”

“You go from watching some magnificent games on the European stage to then seeing this… I leave it up to you. But I do expect an apology to be made toward the club,” said Motta.

“I’m not even talking about the penalty. When in doubt, everything was whistled against us and that applies to the whole campaign so far.”

“I understand that when big teams are involved the pressure starts to mount but still… we want some apologies.”

“We stayed in the game despite playing without a man. We moved the ball freely against a great team, and it ended the way it did. This is the right path, to work for each other. This is why I am proud of my team.”