Spezia coach Thiago Motta: “Mourinho is an inspiration.”

Following his side’s defeat at the Stadio Olimpico, Thiago Motta was interviewed by Sky Sport.

The former Inter player spoke of Jose Mourinho and provided a brief analysis of the game.

“Mourinho taught us to live day by day. He’s a coach who taught me what it means to live well and when you don’t, you don’t live well.”

“This is the reality of this game, as it should be. He is an inspiration, not just for me. A person like him, with everything he has won, must be a great inspiration for everyone.”

On the match:

“It’s a fact that we struggle with set-pieces from a defensive point of view. We conceded two goals from a corner kick, which is always something that should be avoided.”

“We weren’t able to create enough to get back into the game and overturn the result.”

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