Spinazzola’s surgeon speaks about the player’s recovery: “If everything goes well, he should be back in six months.”

Earlier today, the man responsible for Spinazzola’s surgery, Dr. Lasse Lempainen of NEO Hospital in Turku, Finland, spoke to La Gazzetta Dello Sport and shared his thoughts on the player’s recovery.

“Leonardo has incredible interior strength despite the anger and frustration of having had his wonderful adventure at the Euros interrupted so abruptly haven’t gone away. But I immediately saw him determined and focused on the rehabilitation process.”

Lempainen specified his prediction:

“If everything goes well, he should be back to training with his teammates in six months. But it’s too early to tell. I am, however, very optimistic about Spinazzola’s full recovery. A lot will depend on the rehabilitation process, but I remain confident he will go back to being the same wonderful player that impressed everybody at the Euros. If he wants to, he’ll go to London (to pick up a medal). I wish him that.”

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