Stadio della Roma: Conferenza dei Servizi begins

John Solano

Today is a decisive day for the Stadio della Roma.

Beginning at roughly 10.30 CET, the Region of Lazio began the last session of the Conferenza dei Servizi in regards to the Stadio della Roma. Various entities were asked to submit their opinions on the new urban design of the Stadio della Roma, which will be built in the Tor di Valle area.

We will be live tweeting updates from the meeting below:

18.35 CET – The meeting ends and will be reconvened early next week, however, PagineRomaniste reports that there is a positive feeling surrounding the conclusion.

Meanwhile, Michele Civita, the Councilor of Territorial Policies for the Region of Lazio, spoke at the end of today’s session of the Conferenza dei Servizi and reaffirmed that the conference is nearing successful conclusion:

“From the information I’ve gathered, and as you know, I’m not involved in the conference, there’s a very constructive climate, all the arriving opinions are positive and the conference is addressing information to organise the work, which is tiring. I would like to thank all those who have worked on this project, and we’re optimistic about a positive conclusion of this conference. Most likely it will be set to finish next week, Monday or more likely Tuesday. These meetings serve to deal with some of the critical portions of the project, constructive work is being done here in the interests of the city of Rome and of the fans of Roma. I think the next meeting will be the last.”

15.00 CET – The meeting begins again after a break.

11.00 CET – The four bodies (Roma Capitale, Città Metropolitana, Regione Lazio and Stato) have delivered their opinions and they will now be discussed.

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