Stadio della Roma, Montino: “Fiumicino is a real alternative location”.

The long-winded process of construction for the Stadio della Roma continues. With problems having arisen in recent months over Roma’s preferred location of their new stadium, Tor di Valle – the Giallorossi have been considering other locations to build their new stadium. One of these options is Fiumicno and today the mayor of Fiumicino, Esterino Montino, spoke to Dire. These are his words:

“This is the fourth meeting that we are having to understand the feasibility of the project. The Giallorossi are interested and it’s clear they no longer want to waste time. If the project can’t happen at Tor Di Valle, then Roma must know that here, which is just a few kilometers away, there is plenty of completely buildable land that is ready to host the stadium – the construction time would be cut in half compared to the current project”.

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