Stadio della Roma: the latest

Another day, another “sabotage” for AS Roma’s new home the Stadio della Roma.

We’ve had continued corruption and the constant dragging of feet from the powers that be throughout the process: from saving local frogs from extinction to the Conferenza dei Servizi, the process for Roma to begin construction of their new stadium has been nothing short of embarrassing by the Italian government and various special interests groups.

Today, Il Tempo revealed that The Department of Contemporary Architecture of the Ministry, led by Architect Federica Galloni, has raised another ridiculous issue regarding the stadium’s construction.

Galloni and her group have cited an old law claiming that the Hippodrome at the Tor di Valle, where Roma plan on building the stadium, cannot be demolished without consent of the builder or the heirs of the builder. This law was put into place in the 1950’s after architect Clara Lafuente, the daughter of Spanish architect Julio Lafuente (who designed the Hippodrome for the 1960 Olympics in Rome), wanted to preserve her father’s work.

Galloni’s group will soon lodge an appeal, despite the deadline having passed to file an appeal back in September, highlighting one of the many flaws in Italy’s governance. The Legislastive Office will then confer and give their opinion on the manner. For now, Roma and builder Luca Parnasi remain silent and will wait to decide what to do.